You too can own your own home

Homeownership has moved from dream to reality for a growing number of Americans. Benefits to owning your own home are: a financial asset, a place to live and raise children, a plan for your future, and an investment in your community. Knowledge open doors. This is very true when it comes to your home. Let an O.W.D real estate law attorney assist you with the most important purchase at this time.

Do I need a lawyer to buy a house when I already have a realtor?

YES. Since buying a home is the largest purchase the average person is going to make, having a lawyer on your side makes sense. The need for an experienced professional is especially crucial for first-time homebuyers. A lawyer is needed to review and explain the proposed contract, the title insurance and survey, the loan documents and closing fee arrangements. At closing, a lawyer will make sure that the title is clear, all charges are proper and all documents are in order.

At O.W.D, we make buying a home simple and easy to understand.