Why do I Need an Estate Plan?

Just because you may not have a multi-million dollar estate doesn’t mean an estate plan won’t protect the ones you love. An estate plan allows you to plan for your disability and direct the distribution of your property. It may save tax dollars, professional fees and court costs. Most importantly, it keeps you in control of your own affairs.

A properly designed estate plan may… Provide instructions for your care and that of your loved ones in case of your disability. Be effective if you move to or own property in another state. Avoid probate. Keep your affairs private and confidential. Control all your property, including pensions and life insurance. Allow you to leave explicit instructions for the care of your loved ones. Create protective trusts for your young children, disadvantaged children, adult children, and grandchildren. Provide federal estate tax planning.

With the help of your O.W.D estate planning lawyer, you can quickly and comfortably establish an estate plan for yourself and your loved ones.