WARNING You are a Sitting Duck…

If you owe back income tax or trust fund tax understand this fact: The IRS (as well as State Authorities) will take advantage of a taxpayer who has no knowledge of Federal or State tax law or who is not well versed on audit and collection procedures. No knowledge means no protection. O.W.D Law Offices has the knowledge to protect you. You need to be protected from the error, abuse, harassment and intimidation which the IRS and State Authorities use against you.

Do NOT overpay and burn up your hard earned money as a consequence of IRS and State Authority abuse. Not being protected by a skilled tax attorney can only cost you in the end. O.W.D Law is committed to protecting you from the IRS or State. If you have tax problems, here is what O.W.D Law can do for you:

Keep in mind that tax authorities like the IRS are experts at threatening, bluffing, harassing, bullying as a way to force you into submission. It’s coercion, pure and simple. Often the IRS or State Tax Authority will use flimsy arguments, based on weak legal authority or incomplete data, which cannot be defended by the taxpayer because the taxpayer does not have the knowledge and experience to know better.

The IRS will lead you to believe they are both “judge” and “jury”. They will lead you to believe they have the last word. They will lead you to believe they are correct and you are wrong. They will make your life a living hell if you let them. The good news is you can fight back and win!