Vehicle Accident Faq’s

1. What should I do if I’m involved in a car accident?
Cooperate with the police and then call a good lawyer. Don’t talk with the insurance company.

2. Why do I need no fault insurance?
Almost ? of all states legally require this insurance. It helps to eliminate liability claims in smaller accidents by exchanging direct payment by the injured’s insurance company. It doesn’t, however, cover auto damage so a claim should still be filed for this.

3. Is it true that if I rear end a car that I’m at fault?
Almost always the answer is yes. The law says that you have to be able to stop safely if a car stops in front of you.

4. How long will it take to get money in my case?
Many cases are settled in just a few months but sometimes it takes longer. For example, if your case goes to court it can take 3 years in most cases.

5. I didn’t go the doctor right away and now I have pain?
You should always see a doctor after an accident even if you’re not feeling pain right away. Be sure to document when you noticed the pain and when you went to the doctor.

6. Do I need an attorney?
Yes. Facts don’t lie. The fact of the matter is insurance companies typically pay out at least three times the amount of money when you are represented by an attorney rather than representing yourself.

7. The other driver doesn’t have car insurance; how am I supposed to collect money from him now?
First, your own insurance policy will probably compensate you for situations where the other driver is not insured. A good attorney will know how to arrange this for you. Second, sometimes a person’s personal assets will come into play in a case such as this. A good attorney can advise you of what to do if the other driver does not have insurance.

8. Will my insurance company pay for my medical bills while I wait to go to trial?
Often times, yes, to a certain amount and then they will get reimbursed once the case is complete.

9. How am I supposed to get back and forth while my car is in the shop?
O.W.D Law Offices offers free settlement of your vehicle damage when you hire them for your personal injury case. Check your insurance policy; many will have a clause that allows you to rent a car. Be sure to track the expense involved as this is considered a cost that you suffered.

10. I can’t work; can I file for unemployment even though litigation is pending?

11. My car hit a pothole; who is responsible?
The city.

12. How much money can I expect to get in a settlement?
Good question. Every case is unique. A good lawyer can give you a very good description of what money you can expect to recover.

13. Should I settle ahead of time?
This varies from each case and each individual. Know that going to trial can take years and that most cases do not require going to trial in order to recover the maximum amount. This is especially true if your lawyer knows what he or she is doing!

14. The other driver’s insurance company offered me money. I haven’t even hired an attorney, but I could really use the cash. Should I take it?
NO! Tell the insurance company that you’ll get back to them. In the meantime, contact an attorney immediately. At least get a FREE consultation before making a decision which could cost you thousands of dollars. Often times an insurance company will offer a minimal amount of money in return for your signature stating that you won’t sue them. Never take an insurance check without first consulting an attorney.

15. I can’t afford an attorney!
That’s usually not a problem in a personal injury case. Normally, in cases such as these, you don’t pay the attorney any money until, and if, you win your case. If you do win, they are likely to request 33% of the settlement.