WARNING You are a Sitting Duck…

If you owe back income tax or trust fund tax understand this fact: The IRS (as well as State Authorities) will take advantage of a taxpayer who has no knowledge of Federal or State tax law or who is not well versed on audit and collection procedures. No knowledge means no protection. O.W.D Law Offices has the knowledge to protect you. You need to be protected from the error, abuse, harassment and intimidation which the IRS and State Authorities use against you. Read more

How to Wipe Out Penalties and Interest

If you have been hit with penalties and interest then you know how painful it is to pay it back. The interest and penalties alone can keep you chained to an almost endless payment of tax debt. The good news is you may not have to pay it back, or at least a large amount can be abated. The problem is you are “guilty until proven innocent” with the IRS and State and you need a qualified professional to free yourself of this burden. O.W.D Law is ready, willing and able to reduce or eliminate your burden.