WARNING You are a Sitting Duck…

If you owe back income tax or trust fund tax understand this fact: The IRS (as well as State Authorities) will take advantage of a taxpayer who has no knowledge of Federal or State tax law or who is not well versed on audit and collection procedures. No knowledge means no protection. O.W.D Law Offices has the knowledge to protect you. You need to be protected from the error, abuse, harassment and intimidation which the IRS and State Authorities use against you. Read more

Offer in Compromise… Miracle Tax Cure or Nightmare?

O.W.D Law can, and does, settle tax claims for pennies on the dollar. We can help you! But first let’s clear up some bad information which is hurting a lot of people. It’s bad enough to be victimized by the IRS but people are also being taken advantage of by “enrolled agents”, bookkeepers, accountants, CPA’s and even attorney who don’t have the knowledge, experience and ability to help you. It’s easy to say they can solve your tax problem, it’s not so easy to actually solve it. Read more

Installment Agreement

Have you filed your returns but are unable to pay the taxes due? Have you failed to complete your tax return because you live in fear that you won’t be able to pay the tax? Take a deep breath and relax. Another tax solution strategy which O.W.D Law uses is negotiating an installment agreement with the IRS or State in which you live. Read more

How to Wipe Out Penalties and Interest

If you have been hit with penalties and interest then you know how painful it is to pay it back. The interest and penalties alone can keep you chained to an almost endless payment of tax debt. The good news is you may not have to pay it back, or at least a large amount can be abated. The problem is you are “guilty until proven innocent” with the IRS and State and you need a qualified professional to free yourself of this burden. O.W.D Law is ready, willing and able to reduce or eliminate your burden.

Payroll or Trust Fund Tax . . . IRS has No Sense of Humor

It’s easy to get yourself in hot water when it comes to payment of trust fund taxes to the Federal government. Business cycles, cash flow problems, and unexpected events can cause a business to use trust fund taxes to pay other expenses. It’s understandable, unless you are the IRS. Unless you are protected by able counsel they can, and usually will, unleash an aggression and fury upon the “responsible person” who fails to turn over trust fund taxes to the Federal government. Read more

Recognize the Truth About Creditors

You need to know the truth. Banks, credit card companies and the IRS are not your friends, they are your problem. You may wrongly think because you had a pleasant telephone conversation with your banker or credit card company, they want the best for you and your family. Read more