Holding Title to Investment Property in a LLC

Investors in real estate throughout Greater Boston have seen their property values increase dramatically over the past few years. Most real estate investors would agree that one of their major concerns regarding investment property is to limit their personal liability from such investment property and not have their personal assets subject to creditor claims. A limited liability company (LLC), a relatively new entity in Massachusetts, provides investors with limited liability like that of a corporation and the ability to have pass through tax treatment like that of a partnership. It is these characteristics which make the LLC an attractive entity for holding investment real estate. Read more

Avoiding Capital Gains on Investment Property

Thinking of selling investment property and buying a retirement home or a second home on Cape Cod or in Florida? With a little planning, you could be retiring to a home in a destination of your choice without paying capital gains taxes of approximately 30%. You could have 30% more buying power if you were to perform a 1031 tax-deferred exchange. Read more