Smart Credit Card Debt Payment Plan

Smart Credit Card Debt Payment Plan. This is another often overlooked yet powerful debt solution strategy. O.W.D Law can set up a payment plan with your credit card companies, banks and medical providers which will eliminate or reduce the interest you pay them. Keep in mind this is different than the Debt Consolidation program you read about. How is it different? Read more

You Are Not Alone … Debt is Deep Within the American Fabric

First, let’s get one thing clear right now . . . YOU ARE NOT ALONE! O.W.D Law represents many people from all walks of life, all ages and all income, from teachers to construction workers to doctors to sales professionals to single parents to even other lawyers. You see, debt is like an illness; it affects people of every age and every income group. So don’t be ashamed, bad debt affects all people. Read more

Asset Protection Planning … Then Wipe Out Your Debt

In just 60 seconds we’ll discuss bankruptcy below, but whether you file for bankruptcy or not when you come to O.W.D Law the first thing we’re going to do is discuss whether you have any property which could be in danger. Read more