Smart Credit Card Debt Payment Plan

Smart Credit Card Debt Payment Plan. This is another often overlooked yet powerful debt solution strategy. O.W.D Law can set up a payment plan with your credit card companies, banks and medical providers which will eliminate or reduce the interest you pay them. Keep in mind this is different than the Debt Consolidation program you read about. How is it different? The Smart Debt Payment Plan program is strictly voluntary between you and the creditor. The creditor is not forced into it although O.W.D Law uses some very persuasive techniques to motivate the creditor into easing up on you.

With the Smart Credit Card Debt Payment Plan we can negotiate a softer payment plan – using certain laws and strategies as leverage – with the creditor so you don’t pay high interest (%) rates. We can often negotiate a more convenient payment plan so you can breathe easier every month when it comes time to pay the bills. Essentially we tell your creditors: “Our clients are good people with a sincere interest in working out a payment plan. They have a problem. It can be solved but we need your help.” We also use certain state and federal laws to “motivate” the creditor into “playing ball.”

Remember! The credit card companies are not motivated to help you out of the kindness of their heart, because at heart they are a business with one purpose in mind . . . make money. The truth is they can be nastier than a snake with a bad tooth if you don’t agree to pay them what they want. That’s why you need to leave the “driving to us” and allow O.W.D Law to “tame” the creditor. The beauty of the Smart Debt Payment Plan is often it can give you the relief you need for the amount of time you need until you get back on your feet.