Recognize the Truth About Creditors

You need to know the truth. Banks, credit card companies and the IRS are not your friends, they are your problem. You may wrongly think because you had a pleasant telephone conversation with your banker or credit card company, they want the best for you and your family.

Wrong! They only want one thing from you. Guess what that is?

Your money!

Americans don’t understand what’s happening and it’s costing you a fortune! First the IRS confiscates your money. That’s painful enough. Next, the credit card companies, banks, collection agencies, and other creditors take what’s left of your money, often leaving you and your family with virtually nothing.

They don’t care if you lost your job because they will say: “Give us the money!” They don’t care if you have had medical problems because they will demand: “Give us the money!” They don’t care if you are robbing Peter to pay Paul just to make ends meet because they will shout: “Give us the money!” They don’t care how you got into debt such as from divorce or separation because they will cry: “Give us the money!”

They want your money. And if they can’t take that, they will try to take your property. And one thing for sure is they will take your peace of mind if you let them.

First it starts with phone calls, at first they are pleasant. Then more phone calls. The phone calls quickly get unpleasant. The pressure tactics soon begin. Before you know it, you are bombarded with daily harassment, threatening letters and abusive tactics. And each time they contact you they demand the same thing. Money.

Money. That’s all they want. Wake up! Because every call they make and every letter they mail has one purpose in mind. It doesn’t matter what is fair, what your story is, what your circumstances are, what hardships you’ve endured, or whether you’re trying your best to work out a payment plan in good faith, the creditors and collection agencies are coming from a far different place than you.

O.W.D Law Offices sees it every day. Below are just a few of many examples of the damage creditors and collection agencies are capable of inflicting upon you:

  1. Mortgage companies promise you to work out a payment plan while behind your back they hire a lawyer to foreclose on your property. So while you think everything is OK, in reality you’re losing your house. In reality the creditor is sticking it to you. It’s the oldest dirty trick in the book and it’s sickening to watch.
  2. Finance companies take your car even though you’re doing your best to catch up on payments and you were told by the finance company you wouldn’t lose your car. Again, it’s a dishonest tactic by abusive creditors who could care less about your life.
  3. Credit card companies raise interest rates even though you continue to make timely payments. There is a rather insidious tactic which our law firm is seeing more and more by credit card companies. It is fraudulent on its face and we are in the process of initiating a class action suit against some of these credit card companies.
  4. Creditors and collection agencies call you at work or call people’s neighbors. They know they are embarrassing you and they know they are breaking the law but they also know that consumers are essentially defenseless unless they retain a very aggressive lawyer. By the way, O.W.D Law uses extreme aggression with creditors and collection agencies.

See, if you are not careful, you are a sitting duck for creditors and collection agencies. So protect yourself by letting O.W.D Law Offices take action for you! We have the experience and expertise to fight them and win! Now there’s light at the end of the tunnel.