Offer in Compromise… Miracle Tax Cure or Nightmare?

O.W.D Law can, and does, settle tax claims for pennies on the dollar. We can help you! But first let’s clear up some bad information which is hurting a lot of people. It’s bad enough to be victimized by the IRS but people are also being taken advantage of by “enrolled agents”, bookkeepers, accountants, CPA’s and even attorney who don’t have the knowledge, experience and ability to help you. It’s easy to say they can solve your tax problem, it’s not so easy to actually solve it.

It’s amazing. People get snookered into believing the wrong thing from the wrong people. You may have heard about taxpayers settling with the IRS for pennies on the dollar. The problem is that for every one tax payer who successfully settles with the IRS there are three others who fail miserably. That is a statistic straight from the IRS.

Why do taxpayers fail 75% of the time?

Often it’s because the representative of the taxpayer, like a CPA, does not have the skill, knowledge and experience to capably handle the brutal aggression which the IRS or State Authority attempts to inflict upon you the tax payer. The representative of the taxpayer ends up also being intimidated by the IRS or State Authority! Instead of helping you, your tax problem becomes even worse. Then you’re thinking: “How can this be happening to me?”

Don’t let this happen to you. With all due respect to a CPA, accountant, bookkeeper or even a general practicing attorney, they do not have the knowledge and education to win a fight with the IRS or a State Authority. And make no mistake; it can be a “fight”. O.W.D Law has tax attorneys, not accountants, who have superior education, keen analytical skill, unwavering nerve, extensive knowledge and invaluable experience. These are all necessary ingredients when it comes to solving your tax problem.

So, can you settle with the IRS or State for less than you owe? Absolutely!

OK, let’s talk facts. An Offer in Compromise can be a powerful tool to eliminate your tax liability. It can work with the IRS and it can work with the State in which you live if you owe State tax as well as Federal tax. For example, Congress has written a law which says if you cannot afford to pay your tax liability you only have to pay an amount you can afford. Section 7122 of the IRS Codes states: “We will accept an Offer in Compromise when it is unlikely that we can collect the full amount owed and the amount you offer reasonably reflects the collection potential. Our goal is to collect what we can at the earliest possible time with the least cost to the government.”

The key to successfully settling with the IRS or State Authority is knowledge. Knowing the law and how the State or Federal government evaluates collection potential is the difference between success and failure. Success requires knowledge of the law, policies, procedures, customs, formulas, standards, documentation requirements and even the unique personality of the revenue or collection agent with whom we are negotiating. Can you see how hiring the right professional is the key to you successfully resolving your tax problem?

O.W.D Law Offices can help you eliminate the tax liability, interest and penalties. We can help you get a fresh start. Once we settle with the IRS or State, you can rest easy and earn extra income without fear of having it garnished. You can even purchase real estate without fear of having it seized. We have a proven field tested track record of success. A successful Offer in Compromise depends on the correct documentation and sound legal argument presented by your representative to the IRS or State. You have too much at risk not to hire the best representation available so call O.W.D Law today. Start living and stop living in fear. Call O.W.D Law!