Know your rights

Over 1.5 million drivers each year is charged with OWI/DWI. Don’t plead guilty to OWI/DWI without knowing all your legal rights. You have the right to an attorney. Handling an OWI/DWI situation on your own is like walking on a tight rope without a net below. Yes, you might make it across unscathed. But, you might fall. An O.W.D lawyer will make sure to catch you if you start to fall. We know your rights. We have experience handling OWI/DWI cases and we can get the best outcome possible for your situation. For examples of your rights in OWI/DWI cases – see the text below.

Those blue & red lights behind you probably mean money out of your pocket and headaches….

So, you received a traffic ticket you don’t think you deserved. On the other hand, you received a traffic ticket you know you must pay for but want professional representation. Either way, the headache of having to appear in court, the points on your driver’s license, and the costs involved may be too much for you to handle. With two experienced former prosecutors on staff, an O.W.D attorney can help you with your case, help make it simple to deal with, help you achieve a greater outcome.

Holes in traffic ticket cases, such as bad police work or insufficient facts necessary to prosecute you, are just what we look for. We strive to offer a unique defense to your case.

Receiving a traffic ticket can be an annoying yet costly mistake. Those blue and red lights behind you probably mean money out of your pocket and headaches. Know your rights. In addition to the points on your license and the headache of appearing in court, your insurance rates may go up and your license may be suspended for having too many moving citations.