Know your rights

Over 1.5 million drivers each year is charged with OWI/DWI. Don’t plead guilty to OWI/DWI without knowing all your legal rights. You have the right to an attorney. Handling an OWI/DWI situation on your own is like walking on a tight rope without a net below. Yes, you might make it across unscathed. But, you might fall. An O.W.D lawyer will make sure to catch you if you start to fall. We know your rights. We have experience handling OWI/DWI cases and we can get the best outcome possible for your situation. For examples of your rights in OWI/DWI cases – see the text below. Read more

What information is on a traffic ticket?

The color, model, and registration of your vehicle, and the date, time, and place of the alleged offense is provided on the ticket. The specific violation charged, the officer’s name and badge number, the fine schedule, and a notice of your ability to have a hearing to contest the ticket would probably be on a ticket as well. Read more

A casual drink after work can end with OWI

It is Friday night. You decide to head to the bar to meet your friends after work. The guys are all pumped up and watching the game on the big screen TV nestled in the corner of the sports bar. Each has a beer in front of them. You order a beer from the waitress and sit down to enjoy a fun evening. Three hours later and four beers, one basket of onion rings, an extra-large plate of hot-wings, and water later you leave the bar and head to your car. You feel fine. You know you are not drunk and can drive the 15 miles to your house. Read more

If I’m stopped by a police officer and asked if I’ve been drinking, what should I answer?

You are not required to answer potentially incriminating questions. One approach would be simply to ask, “Why are you stopping me, Officer?” even if it is at a sobriety checkpoint. When the officer asks, “Have you had anything to drink this evening?” simply say, “Officer, I do not wish to be delayed. I want to drive home”. If the officer has no other basis to ask you out of the car, you will be on your way. You may also reply with, “I would like to speak with an attorney before I answer any questions”. However, if you begin with that answer, we suggest that you keep on giving that answer until you have consulted with an attorney. Read more