Closing Agents/Attorneys And The Closing Process

Your application to your lender for a home mortgage loan leads you inevitably to the closing attorney’s office. You undoubtedly have questions as to what the role of the closing attorney is, what tasks the closing attorney will perform and what will take place at the closing. First, understand that the closing attorney represents the interests of the lender. Read more

Probate & Administration

Probate is the legal process used by a state:

This process is overseen by a particular court in the state where the deceased lived, usually called the probate court or surrogate’s court. If you own real estate in another state, you will probably need to probate the will in that state as well. This process is called ancillary administration of an estate.
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Know What Your Rights Are!

When making an arrest without a warrant a police officer must tell you the reason for the arrest, unless you are in the act of committing the crime or are being chased. Read more


Marriage is a civil contract. The state has an interest in preserving marriages. Accordingly, the marriage relationship only can be dissolved by a court, by either a divorce or an annulment. It also may be altered by a decree of separation granted by our courts. In any case, there must be a proceeding in the Supreme Court in which the person seeking the divorce, separation decree or annulment must prove “grounds.” Read more

What is Intellectual Property?

Intellectual property, a term generally encompassing patents, trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets, rights of publicity and privacy, and moral rights, plays an ever-increasing role in the commercial world. Read more

Patent History

During this last year, there has been a considerable increase in the interest of companies, and the general population in the meaning and use of Intellectual Property (IP) rights, and in particular patent rights. The profile of patent law and IP law in general has increased dramatically. Read more

What’s the Deal with Patents?

Granted, they may not be the topic of your dinner conversation every night; they usually behave more like good wallpaper does, exerting their influence quietly and modestly in the background. But think of all the subtle ways they’re insinuated into daily life, from the patent numbers on the bottles of your prescription medicine to the ubiquitous Patent-Pending messages on everything from cat beds to milk crates to wheelchairs. Read more

Why all the fuss about business method patents?

If you’ve been paying attention to business news recently, you may have noticed that there is a raging controversy over “Business Method Patents,” especially as applied to e-commerce and the internet. This article explains how these patents came to be, and takes some guesses as how it will all work out in the end. Read more

Why all the fuss about biotech/genomics patents?

The idea of patenting human genes has raised significant concerns in both the medical community and public at large. Many have questioned whether patents should be granted for human gene sequences under any circumstances. Read more

Patent FAQ

Patents are a form of personal property. The patent owner has the right to exclude others from making, selling, offering for sale, or importing into the U.S. the invention protected by the patent, unless they have the express permission of the patent holder to do so. Read more

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