Debt is Deep Within the American Fabric

First, let’s get one thing clear right now . . . YOU ARE NOT ALONE! O.W.D Law represents many people from all walks of life, all ages and all income, from teachers to construction workers to doctors to sales professionals to single parents to even other lawyers. You see, debt is like an illness; it affects people of every age and every income group. So don’t be ashamed, bad debt affects all people. Read more

Debt Negotiation

Let’s first talk about our Debt Negotiation System. Very few people know about this strategy and yet this strategy is very powerful if executed correctly.

Debt Negotiation … How Do We Do It?

  1. We contact the right person at the right time at the creditor or collection agency. If you contact the wrong person, your situation can actually get worse. Who you call and when you call them is critically important.
  2. O.W.D Law Offices knows how to reserve and protect your rights under both state and federal law. The laws are complicated and confusing. It is a point of firm pride that lawyers at O.W.D Law Offices understand the laws; we then use them to our client’s benefit.
  3. We know how to document the settlement so the creditor won’t sue you after you think you’ve settled. We’ve seen people try to settle these cases on their own and end up getting the short of the stick by the creditor or collection agency.
  4. We are rational, experienced and calculating; the psychological pressure the creditors put on you affects your ability to think clearly. At a time like this, clear and objective thinking is critically important. We’ve been up against the creditors and collection agencies time and time again. We know what to expect and how to take them on . . . there are no surprises for us.

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