Face the Problem … It Won’t Go Away on Its Own

Face the problem. That’s the first step. If you have credit card debt there is a good chance you are feeling some unpleasant emotions and very real stress. Maybe you are depressed, embarrassed, angry, or afraid. But don’t be! Read more

Your Credit Card Problem Eliminated with Our Help

How can you eliminate your bad debt without losing your home or your other property? How can you eliminate your debt without suffering with bad credit for years and years? We have the answers at O.W.D Law. Read more

Credit Card Debt is a Disease Which Can Be Cured

Are you in credit card debt? You’re not alone. Credit card debt has become a disease in America . It has grown to epidemic proportions and it affects people of all income groups, all professions and all ages from young adults to senior citizens. Consider these sobering statistics with which no one can argue: Read more

Credit Card Debt Negotiation

Let’s first talk about our Credit Card Debt Negotiation System. Very few people know about this strategy and yet this strategy is very powerful if executed correctly. Read more

Should You Consider Bankruptcy to Wipe Out Credit Card Debt?

Bankruptcy can be the most effective way to eliminate debt like credit card debt. O.W.D Law Offices files bankruptcy for many clients from all walks of life and all ages. You should know that we offer a FREE credit restoration plan for any client who chooses to file for bankruptcy. Read more

Credit Card Debt Consolidation

Credit Card Debt Consolidation Plan. Did you know in many states, like Wisconsin, you can consolidate into one payment your credit card debt, medical bills and other bills? It’s true. In fact, regardless of your credit history, certain states offer non bankruptcy programs which consolidate your bad debt into one monthly payment. And the best part is you do not pay interest. The interest is wiped out! Read more

Smart Credit Card Debt Payment Plan

Smart Credit Card Debt Payment Plan. This is another often overlooked yet powerful debt solution strategy. O.W.D Law can set up a payment plan with your credit card companies, banks and medical providers which will eliminate or reduce the interest you pay them. Keep in mind this is different than the Debt Consolidation program you read about. How is it different? Read more

What is Credit Counseling? Should You Consider it?

Credit counseling is one of the most misunderstood services because it is not what people think and it does not do for you what you have been told; many credit counselors are hurting the consumer. Read more