Asset Protection Planning … Then Wipe Out Your Debt

In just 60 seconds we’ll discuss bankruptcy below, but whether you file for bankruptcy or not when you come to O.W.D Law the first thing we’re going to do is discuss whether you have any property which could be in danger.

You can easily and unexpectedly find yourself in a financial crisis that could cost you most or all of your property. Every year hundreds of thousands of families and individuals are wiped out because they failed to take the steps necessary to protect their home, their wages, and their property.

Don’t let this happen to you. You can take steps NOW to protect you and your family. This is called asset protection planning. This is not illegal. You can protect your property from creditors without violating a single law. O.W.D Law does it every single day for people like you.

When you visit our office the first step is to take an inventory of everything you don’t want to lose. Here is a PARTIAL list of what you can protect:

1. Your wages. You don’t want your wages taken by creditors. We can stop garnishments from happening by using a variety of methods. We can also STOP garnishments even after it has started.

2. Your home. We can help you keep your home whether you have a mortgage on it or own 100% of it.

3. Real estate. Asset protection planning strategies can shield your real estate from creditors and bill collectors.

4. Your retirement. Your 401K, IRA, Pension, etc. can be protected by effective legal strategies.

5. Your car. They can be protected in a variety of ways.

6. Personal property. There are steps you can take to protect your personal property such as furniture, stocks/bonds, life insurance, artwork, jewelry and even cash.

You are probably more vulnerable than you think. Lawsuits, divorce, business failures, tax problems, debts, unexpected bills, and job loss – these events can cause loss. Almost everyone is at risk to a legal or financial disaster, including you.

Therefore, don’t wait! Plan now! The best plan is to safely protect your property before trouble strikes. However, if you already are in trouble, then it’s even more important you take steps now to protect your assets. Your situation is unique and takes special care. Seeking the advice of a competent professional is your best strategy. Don’t wait! You have too much to lose.