O.W.D. Law Offices is a consumer law firm which represents people. People like you. We represent people from all ages to all incomes in cases ranging from personal injury to bankruptcy to IRS matters. Within O.W.D. Law Offices there are divisions or departments which focus on a particular type of law. The lawyers in each division concentrate their practice on primarily one area of law.

A personal injury lawyer in our firm will not generally handle a bankruptcy but he or she can help you if you suffered an injury in an accident, such as a traffic accident. By focusing primarily on one area of law, the lawyers at O.W.D. Law Offices can better serve people like you.

The law is always changing, always evolving. Those changes can affect our clients either negatively or positively. Sometimes we are able to see changes in the law coming before they take effect; and before they affect our clients. Anticipating changes in the law as well as knowing the law can only help our clients. By focusing on a particular area of law, we can better represent our clients and provide them the peace of mind and resolution for which they desire.

Our mission is to be the most sought after consumer law firm that provides the highest quality legal services which exceed even our client’s own expectations.