O.W.D Law Offices.

Below, is an alphabetical listing of the different departments at O.W.D Law Offices:

Bankruptcy – Our approach to bankruptcy is unique because we give people a real fresh start. We provide all of our bankruptcy clients, at no additional fee, a proven step by step credit after bankruptcy program.

Credit Card Debt – You are not alone. The good news is we can cure your bad credit card debt with no bankruptcy.

Credit Restoration – Good credit is essential in today’s day and age. We have the legal expertise to restore your bad credit. Discover good credit strategies you may have overlooked.

Debt Negotiation – We have successfully negotiated dime on the dollar settlements for clients with SBA loans, business debt and other kinds of debt.

Divorce & Family Law – Nothing can be more devastating or stressful than going through a divorce or custody dispute. O.W.D Law Offices can provide you with the peace of mind you deserve during this difficult time; and we have the expertise to achieve the results you deserve.

Estate Planning and Elder Law – This is an area of law which affects almost everyone from young to old from families to single people. It is an area of law which requires careful legal analysis mixed with practical yet innovative strategies.

Personal Injury – There are so many lawyers out there that it’s sometimes confusing and difficult to find the right lawyer who can truly obtain the results which the law allows. O.W.D Law Offices has a unique 10 Point Pledge and Guarantee which holds our lawyers accountable to our clients.

Tax & IRS debt – Do you have a tax or IRS debt problem? We can provide immediate relief to individuals or businesses who suffer from tax and IRS debt. Stop the harassment and stop overpaying your taxes.

Traffic Law – Did you get a ticket? O.W.D Law Offices can provide individuals with the legal representation that they may need.